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Escudo de Colombia
Today Saturday 20 of September 2014

Monday, 08 July 2013 16:46

Last Updated on Monday, 08 July 2013 17:18

Señal Institucional presents its new programming

Señal Institucional presents its new grille of programming Franja Huellas, a space for memory and begin to celebrate 60 years of television. Franja Mundo, international news that allow us to position ourselves in the global context and the Franja Vamos a cine y hablamos, a bet of cinema that begins with the characters cycle.

Franja Huellas is a container of schedule of 6 hours a day in which emitted large Colombian public television productions, contextualized with interviews with their creators. Television critic leads Germán Yances. In this great Strip Colombians can again see series as:

Neighborhood life: Tuesday to Friday, 8:30 am and 7:00 pm. A documentary series directed by Alberto Salcedo, who won the award King of Spain, Ortega y Gasset, 5 Awards Simón Bolívar and an India Catalina.

Crossings: Tuesday to Friday, 9:00 am and 7:30 pm. Documentary series directed by journalist Alfredo Molado that toured the country by its rivers, borders and ethnic groups.

More word: Tuesday to Friday 9:30 am and 8:00 pm. Ernesto Sábato, Mario Benedetti, Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Camilo José Cela, Álvaro Mutis and 17 writers, met this appointment with Colombia, achieving one of the most important compilations of interviews and testimonies of the Hispanic American writers of the late 20th century, an audiovisual heritage of the nation. Directed RH Durán, with Margarita Vidal driving.

Immigrants: Monday and Friday, 8:30 am and Saturday and Sunday 2:00 pm. Series directed by Camila Loboguerrero, who discovered the path traveled by groups of foreign communities settled in the country between the 19th and 20th centuries, as Lebanese Syrians in the Caribbean, the Japanese in the Valle del Cauca, the Germans in Boyaca, and others.

Inheritance: Tuesday through Thursday, 4:30 pm. This series directed by marine Camacho, who won the India Catalina award, shows the history of the most important Colombian monuments.

This sea is mine: Monday through Friday, 3:30 pm, is a journey through the Pacific and the Colombian Caribbean.

Guardianship Human Factor: Monday to Friday, 5:00 pm. Series directed by Francisco Ortiz, which deals with some cases of guardianship, which have been representative.

Everyone is good: Monday-Friday 11:30 pm. Consuelo Cepeda led this series of stories about the life of heroes, unknown, from a perspective of overcoming.

Chronicles of a tragic generation: Saturday, 5:00 pm. A series of historical fiction, idea Gabriel García Márquez original, directed by Jorge Alí Triana, chronicling the bloody history of intellectual Creoles of independence and their early and tragic deaths over 6 chapters.

Love and crime: Saturdays from 8:30 pm. Series of 3 films with scripts Gabriel García Márquez, awarded the prizes Midia of Simon Bolivar from Colombia and Spain. Alma de el Maíz, Bituima 1780 and illicit love were the more big bet of public television to plot stories.

The Earth without them: Saturday and Sunday 10:30 pm. Documentary series directed by Alfredo Molano which dealt, for the first time, the phenomenon of the peasant movement.

Franja Mundo Monday through Friday from 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm and 10:00 pm. A container of international news for Latin America, which will allow viewers to get involved in the global context and understand how we are part of a whole and affecting others, also affects us

Strips from 1:30 pm and 10:00 pm consist of news Euronews, world day and Journal, which will allow Colombians to know the relevance of the region and the world from a global perspective in Spanish.

The strip of the 5:30 pm, varies every day to present to the viewer a series of programs of the Dewtsche Well: keys, Prism, Global, chariot and Journal.

Franja Vamos a cine y hablamos: every Friday at 9:00 pm, recognized Mauricio Laurens film critic will an appointment with institutional signal viewers, to talk about film. He began the season with the characters of the story cycle.

Tonight, Eva Perón, a 1996 Argentine film, directed by Juan Carlos Desanzo. Next Friday, July 12, the dark night, the history of San Juan de la Cruz, written and directed by Carlos de Saura (Spain). And as well. Each week a new film and a new space for talking about film.